BOP Test Pumps and Systems

Our BOP test systems and pumps are designed and packaged in a variety of formats to suit the specific location, operating, and application requirements.

The high pressure pump has a space-saving, vertical design. Discharge pressures of up to 3,000 bar, variable stroke options, long time between services, and superb reliability make our pumps ideal for blowout preventer testing.

Control packages are tailored to suit your requirements, from basic functionality to complete control system philosophy. Options include onboard control, remote operation, system monitoring, fault finding, and data logging. We also design and build ancillary equipment such as mixing tanks and accumulator packages to accompany your high pressure blow-out preventer test pumps.

We offer full after-sales support through our team of offshore trained engineers. Speak to us today to find out how we can assist you with your BOP test pump requirements or email our project support department at or call +44 1905 759090.

Drill ship
For additional information please also see our news item: Drillship BOP Test System.

As with all of our well service pumps, our BOP testing systems can comply with regional and industry standards and regulations including NORSOK, ATEX, and IECEx.

BOP test pump unit
BOP test pump - skid 2BOP test pump - skid 1

Pump skid: At the heart of the BOP test system is the high pressure pump unit featuring the Hammelmann reciprocating plunger pump.

BOP test unit - mixing tank 1BOP test unit - mixing tank 1

Mixing tank: A self-contained mixing tank can prepare the test water to suit the prevailing environmental conditions.

BOP testing - accumulator 1BOP testing - accumulator 2

Accumulator: A stand-alone accumulator skid allows the pressure to build to preset levels ready for a sudden, controlled release of test water into the blowout preventer.

BOP test system mounting options:

  • Skid – the lightest option. With fork-truck slots. Can be supplied with a lifting frame.
  • Crash frame – a lightweight option affording considerable protection during transportation. Can include both fork-list slots, and lifting eyes.
  • Container – providing maximum protection from transportation operations and environmental conditions. Comes with a choice of noise attenuation options. Can include both fork-list slots, and lifting eyes.
  • Skid and separate environmental enclosure – a lightweight skid with the option of a floor or skid-mounted environmental enclosure with noise attenuation options.
  • Trailer – road-going or site trailer allowing easy movements between onshore sites.