Green Fuel Injection Pumps – ammonia and methanol

An immediately available technology in our quest for net zero is the replacement of fossil fuels with CO2 neutral green fuels such as methanol. One area that is already benefitting from green fuel is the marine sector. New combustion engines are being equipped with this technology, existing ones are being converted. Our pumps inject methanol (MeOH, CH3OH, CH4O), ethanol (C2H6O), and ammonia (NH3).

We have been designing and manufacturing injection pump packages for over 2o years, predominantly for offshore platforms and FPSOs. Our experience in high pressure and hazardous area applications makes our knowledge and experience ideal for offshore marine fuel injection duties.

The Fuel Injection Pump Package

Design, Manufacture, Test

We design our pump packages in-house to ensure quality, consistency, and control of the project and timelines. The units are then built, both mechanically and electrically, at the same location by our experienced build teams. Something our customers like is our ability to test our pump packages in-house and the customer is always invited to witness the testing. Our test facilities ensure that pump packages leave here fully tested and proven. This project control from design through to despatch helps to maintain the product safety and reliability for which we are known.

The Pump Skid

The majority of our injection pump packages for fuel injection applications are skid mounted as the pump units are located in the engine room and near proximity to the fuel holding/storage tanks.

The High Pressure Pump

The materials used and the system design are optimized for continuous operation. The vertical pump design allows an optimized unit footprint and minimizes mechanical stress on the components. The plungers move the conveyed medium with almost no pulsation and an efficiency of up to 95%.

The ‘Zero Emission®’ design completely separates the liquid fuel from the environment, so that the pumped medium cannot escape to the atmosphere in any operating condition.

Pump Series Flow Rate Operating Pressure
HAMPRO® 10 up to 6.2 m3/hour up to 2,300 bar
HAMPRO® 20 up to 6.2 m3/hour up to 3,800 bar
HAMPRO® 40 up to 9.3 m3/hour up to 3,400 bar
HAMPRO® 70 up to 12.1 m3/hour up to 3,500 bar
HAMPRO® 140 up to 20.6 m3/hour up to 3,600 bar
HAMPRO® 200 up to 29.3 m3/hour up to 3,200 bar
HAMPRO® 300 up to 64 m3/hour up to 3,200 bar
HAMPRO® 400 up to 77 m3/hour up to 3,200 bar
HAMPRO® 500 up to 77 m3/hour up to 3,000 bar
HAMPRO® 800 up to 128 m3/hour up to 3,000 bar
HAMPRO® 1200 up to 179 m3/hour up to 3,000 bar
HAMPRO® 1600 up to 256 m3/hour up to 3,000 bar

Green Fuel Injection Projects for Marine Propulsion

An Early Project

Pumps injecting methanol on a ferry have been operational since 2015. The ferry, which carries both cars and passengers, is equipped with 4 powerful Hammelmann HAMPRO® 72 methanol injection pump units. Each pump has an operating pressure of 600 bar and a flow rate of 50 litres per minute.

This pump package (pictured) is typical of our injection units. The skid is a robust, fully welded construction painted to offshore specifications. Fitted to the baseframe are anti-vibration mounts which are standard on our units. They protect the deck by minimising the transference of vibration and noise from the pump unit. The pump is powered by an electric motor and the two are connected by a flexible coupling. This eliminates the side loads sometimes caused by drive belts.

Current Project

We are in the engineering and design stage of a project to supply a pump package for methanol injection on a ship. The ship will be fitted with dual-fuel engines that will be powered by methanol. This is a modification to an existing vessel. The pump unit will be mounted on a skid and driven by electric motor. Following the design stage, we will build and test the skid unit at our factory in Worcester, UK.

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