We supply tank cleaning heads, nozzles, robotic entry/cleaning systems, remote controls – everything you need to clean tanks and vessels. Our range of standard equipment covers the many shapes and sizes of tank. We also have the design capability to manufacture bespoke systems and accessories for the most challenging of tank cleaning applications.

Our drive over the last few years towards semi-automatic waterjetting across our entire product range includes significant development of tank cleaning equipment. Whether through the hazardous nature of the tank contents, or just the desire to remove the operator from the area of work, our non-man entry tank cleaning systems are very popular.

Once inside the tank, there are many types of tank cleaning head to suit a multitude of situations. A build-up of sludge or toxins, hard-to-remove residues, bacteria growth, and other contaminants all require the correct head to ensure optimal cleaning.

Call our sales engineers to discuss your tank cleaning requirements on +44 1905 751790 or email sales@calder.co.uk.

  • Minimum pressure losses result in high efficiency.
  • Coherent water jets for maximum cutting performance and distance.
  • Wear-resistant, infinitely variable braking system. The adjusting mechanism is dirt-protected.
  • Compact and corrosion-resistant housing.
  • High reliability due to simple and low-maintenance design.
  • Freely suspended operation possible.
  • Internal cleaning of autoclaves, vessels, Euro containers, reactors, agitator vessels, holding tanks, drying towers etc.
  • Decontamination.
  • Disinfection (with chemical additives).
  • Cleaning the interior of large diameter pipework with deployment sledge.