High Pressure Water Jetting

We specialize in designing and manufacturing high pressure pump units. Our team in Worcester supports you with the supply of spares and accessories, and offers lifetime service care for your equipment.

Waterjetting Applications

Our expertise extends from major civil engineering projects to the removal of product contamination in chemical plants. For the decommissioning and decontamination of nuclear installations and the surface preparation of ships’ hulls. In short, the list of industries we serve is extensive.

The list of applications for high pressure water continues to grow, which is why design and innovation are so important to us. Along with a range of standard waterjetting pumps and equipment, we also produce bespoke pump systems to suit specific applications. In fact, we positively thrive on the challenges our customers present to us.

Electric-drive pump skids, diesel-driven trailer units, hazardous area units, container-mounted pump packages. Wherever and however you want to pump water at high pressure, we have the solution.

Advantages of Calder High Pressure Jetting Equipment

Our waterjet pumps offer many benefits to the user compared with traditional pump technology. Two major benefits include; low friction/high efficiency plunger sealing systems; and oil-cooled and pressurized pump gear ends. The use of the latest engineering technology enables robust design and low-weight construction techniques to ensure excellent performance, energy efficiency, and low lifetime ownership costs. We understand that safety, reliability, value for money and ease of maintenance are of the utmost importance. With this in mind, our commitment to continual improvement is demonstrated in each new generation of MultiJet.

Our industrial high pressure pump units are diesel or electric driven, mobile or static, standard or bespoke.

Reliability Engineered In

Reliability and ease of maintenance have been designed into the MultiJet range over thirty years. In particular, design, coupled with improved component selection and monitoring, is fundamental to the reliability of our equipment.

At the heart of the MultiJet is the Hammelmann reciprocating plunger pump. These pumps are respected for their quality and reliability and, because of this, we have used this pump range for over two decades.

Safety First

Our pump units are inherently safe. We achieve this through sound design, quality component selection, and good assembly techniques and procedures based on industry best practice. Additionally, we offer City & Guilds-accredited water jet safety training in accordance with the Water Jetting Association guidelines. Practical courses are available such as Surface Preparation, Tube and Pipe Cleaning, and Hydrodemolition. Of course, we also provide training in the operation and maintenance of all our products.

Cost Effective Performance

The unique pump sealing system gives unrivalled service life and uptime advantages over traditional packing seal technology. Seal wear is gradual, over many thousands of hours. As a result, scheduled repairs and maintenance are all that is necessary rather than the frequent ad hoc packing seal changes required by other pumps. This results in a much-reduced lifetime cost of ownership and significantly increased equipment uptime. This high pressure pump sealing system is suitable for most applications.


Choose from a range of control options control options, from basic push-button controls to comprehensive HMI touchscreen controls. Above all, by leveraging our in-house knowledge, we ensure the control system is designed for your particular application.

Performance Options

Maximize equipment utilization with our performance conversion kits, allowing quick changes to operating pressure.

Waterjetting Accessories

Browse our full range of high pressure waterjetting equipment and accessories, including waterblast jetting guns, multi-gun valves, 3D cleaning heads, nozzles, internal tube and external bundle blasting/lancing systems, and personal protective clothing for high and ultra high pressure waterjetting.

Get in Touch

Whether it’s waterjet cutting, high-pressure cleaning, nuclear decommissioning, or any water jetting application, we’re here to help.
Call our sales engineers +44 1905 751790 to discuss your requirements or email sales@calder.co.uk. Or contact our Life Cycle Services team who provide a variety of service options, spare parts, and training for all our waterjetting pump units and accessories.

Proud Members of the Water Jetting Association

As members of the Water Jetting Association (WJA), our high pressure jetting equipment adheres to the highest standards of safety. Our WJA-approved training courses cover both safety awareness theory and practical, application-specific modules.

Waterjetting is a dust-free technique that allows simultaneous, adjacent activities such as lagging and painting to continue. It minimises the waste stream, reduces clean-up time, and is not weather dependent. Furthermore, when used in surface preparation, high pressure water is proficient at exposing the substrate’s original profile without further erosion. Waterjetting gives the highest level of cleanliness of all surface preparation methods. Ancillary vacuum equipment can be used to collect the washings and contaminants.

What’s more, we offer water filtration systems. This allows the waste water to be filtered and re-used.

Mounting Options

  • Skid
  • This is the lightest and most economical solution. Skid-mounted pump units can incorporate comprehensive on-board controls, local operator panel, or remote control. Whereas for many projects, they are linked to existing control infrastructure, or remotely controlled – whatever the application demands. Skids are generally moved using a forklift truck. However, lifting lugs are an option to allow overhead lifting. Discover more about our pump skids, our pump skid supply history and application examples.

  • Skid with separate environmental/noise enclosure
  • This option gives all the benefits of the skid with the added protection of an enclosure. The enclosure will protect the equipment from the elements and, additionally, allows for a range of noise attenuation options.

  • Road-going trailer
  • Built onto robust running gear, these water jetting units are ideal for multi-site operations.

  • Site trailer
  • Site trailers are a cost-effective option designed for onsite mobility.

  • Crash frame
  • The crash frame can be a good choice because it offers a lightweight solution for equipment that requires a level of protection during transportation and onsite movements.

  • Container
  • Containers offer maximum protection and a range of noise attenuation options. Additionally, there are many options available with containerised pump units. These options include internal lighting, internal CCTV monitoring, storage etc.

  • Surface preparation.
  • Heat exchanger and condenser cleaning.
  • Tube, tank, and vessel cleaning.
  • Pipe and tube bundle cleaning.
  • Marine growth removal.
  • Superstructure/fabric maintenance.
  • Concrete cutting.
  • Nuclear decommissioning.
  • Automotive paint grid and carrier cleaning.
  • Conveyor screen and filter press cleaning.
  • Paper industry suction roll cleaning.