The HAMPRO® 70V subsea injection pump unit brings reliability to your submerged deep-water marine pumping applications.

The unit is suitable for a host of applications and is capable of pumping most fluids – even those with an extremely thick, 2000 centipoise viscosity.

Inside the robust housing is a 55 kW motor driving a pump which features an impressive variable displacement capability. This allows the operator to remotely adjust the flow rate from zero to 100% via a servo-motor. This real-time adjustment of the pump enables zero or low-flow start-up to support extremely high inlet pressure, and limit start-up current in-rush. Where variable displacement is not required, the Hampro 70V range includes a fixed displacement model.

The casing protects the internal components from pressure differences and external impacts. The oil-filled chamber is pressure compensated to suit the working depth. The casing design allows a single lubrication system for the pump and drive components. This eliminates the need for additional sealing, minimizes potential failure points and guarantees corrosion protection. The internal components are isolated from saltwater which allows the use of standard subsea designs that meet TRL Level 7.

The Hampro 70V subsea pump is designed around the core tenets of quality, reliability and durability. The materials of construction were selected to give the unit a long operational life in challenging and inhospitable subsea environments. This long-term design will allow the pump to be recovered for use on other projects. The sealing system ensures limited and predictable maintenance requirements and unmatched operational reliability.

Pump pressures and flow rates are determined by the plunger diameter, sleeve, and head. Larger plunger diameters deliver larger flow rates and typically lower pressures. Although, with this pump’s variable displacement capability, the flow rate can be adjusted from maximum flow to zero flow independent of the plunger diameter. For pressure and flow configurations, check the performance data table in the brochure.