Tube Bundle Cleaning Equipment

Our tube bundle cleaning equipment is all you need for safe, efficient tube cleaning. To suit varied industry requirements, we offer a number of internal and external tube bundle cleaning systems. We also manufacture an extensive range of water jetting machines and accessories for both internal tube and external shell-side high pressure cleaning.

Tube Cleaning Products

Our range of heat exchanger cleaners includes single and multi-tube cleaning devices. The internal bundle cleaning robot supports up to 5 lances and is controlled from the comfort of a dedicated control cabin. Our Freelance offers fast, efficient, safe and pollution-free tube cleaning at rates exceeding 200 tubes per hour. Low cost and minimal set-up time make flex lancing a popular method of tube bundle cleaning. The SSC20 shell-side cleaner enables semi-automatic high pressure water jetting of awkward-to-reach areas via a robotic, hydraulic arm.

Safety and Efficiency

Many of our semi-automatic tube cleaning products remove the operator from the area of work. These semi-automatic, remotely operated tube cleaning systems do, therefore, offer greater operator safety. Once set to suit the tubes to be cleaned, the repeatability of these systems also ensures a more consistent clean than is generally achieved with manual systems. Given these points, our systems have rapidly gained popularity with operators over recent years.

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Check out our tube bundle handling equipment.

  • Remote control options to remove operator from area of work.
  • High efficiency, semi-automatic robotic machines.
  • Multiple lance options for greater efficiency.
  • Variety of machines to suit your applications.
  • Rigid and flexible lance options.
  • Fixed and mobile machines.
  • Full spares and service support.