Our product range covers many areas of ship repair and maintenance – any application that requires high pressure water.

Surface Preparation
We have an extensive range of surface preparation equipment ranging from hand lances to semi-automatic, remotely operated machines that cover large areas.

See the Dockmate in action – a surface preparation machine for large areas.

Or read how a customer reduced dry dock time for paint removal.

Tube and Pipe Cleaning
We manufacture and supply tube and pipe cleaning equipment – from a simple nozzle to semi-automatic pipe cleaning systems and everything in-between.

Tank and Vessel Cleaning
We provide non-man-entry cleaning systems for tanks and vessels of all sizes. Our cleaning equipment includes internal cleaning robots, cleaning arms, and positioning devices. Our large selection of tank cleaning heads ensures you have the right tool for the job.

Abrasive Cutting
Ship modifications and decommissioning utilise our abrasive cutting systems – using high pressure cold water to cut through steel. No sparks, precise cuts, and remote operation make this the safe and efficient method for steel cutting.

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Find out how a customer reduced dry dock time for paint removal.