Chemical Injection Pumps and Systems

Our chemical injection pumps are used in hazardous areas, both onshore and offshore. We specialise in the design and manufacture of both API 674 and API 675 chemical injection packages.

The range of pumped fluids is extensive, and the pressures and flows are configured to suit your exact requirements. From basic chemical injection skids to bespoke packages, our pump systems meet the high standards of specification, quality and reliability required by hazardous area operators.

Chemical Injection Pump Package Options

Pump units are skid, crash frame or container mounted and are generally designed for use in hazardous areas. Many of the chemical injection pump systems we supply have integral storage tanks. With chemical injection skids there are options for environmental enclosures. These enclosures offer your operators and equipment significant levels of protection and, as a result, increased equipment longevity. Options for our environmental enclosures include noise attenuation, heating, lighting, internal maintenance crane, and fire and gas detection systems. We also offer design to account for explosion/blast loads. Additionally, our packages have a range of options such as variable flows, on-board and remote control capabilities, and electric, hydraulic or pneumatic drive.

Our Chemical Injection Experience

As specialist chemical injection package manufacturers, we design and build chemical injection skids to suit your specific requirements. Whether you seek an ATEX pump package or other industry standard, check out our knowledge and experience of offshore pump skids for hazardous areas.

Compact, Hydraulically Driven CIP

We were approached by Shell to design and manufacture a CIP for a location without a suitable electric supply. For maximum flexibility, we chose a hydraulic system. This consisted of two ISO 10855-1 certified containers – one housing a hydraulic power pack and the other a high pressure pump. Each unit is compact and, therefore, has a maximum weight of 4,500 kg. The package operates in an ATEX Zone 2 hazardous. Read more about this hydraulically driven CIP.

Hydrate Inhibitor Pump Skid for High Ambient Temperatures

We designed this hydrate inhibitor injection skid to operate in the high ambient temperatures of the Persian Gulf. In order to achieve the operating temperature requirements, we incorporated specialist cooling equipment into the unit. We also fitted a protective enclosure to reduce the heating effect of the sun.

Five Chemical Skids for a Gas and Condensate Field

We were awarded a contract to design and build five chemical injection pump packages. The units operate in a gas and condensate field which is located in the Caspian Sea. The scope included 2 x EHP Methanol units, 2 x LDHI AA (low density hydrate inhibitor) unit, and 1 x Topside Methanol unit.

All units were certified for use in ATEX Zone 2 hazardous environments. Three units feature variable stroke plunger pumps. This range of pumps allows a variable flow rate (0-100%) via adjustable stroke control, which removes the need for a VSD. The stroke adjustment can be made automatically or manually, and while the pump is on or off load. The pump range offers flow rates up to 111 lpm and pressures up to 3270 bar.

Four Multi-pump, Air-driven, Chemical Injection Pump Skids

Working alongside a major EPC, Calder designed and built four multi-pump, air-driven, chemical injection pump skids for a leading North Sea Oil Major. The project constraints required each of the four packages to be designed and constructed to fit into existing deck envelopes and work around existing structures.

Twin, Air-driven Pump Packages

Calder was tasked with the design, manufacture and testing of a bespoke unit with a turnaround time of just six weeks. Using twin, air-driven pumps, the package delivers a very specific 0.6 litres per hour at 199.6 bar.

Through good design this unit has a very small footprint, is lightweight, and has easy maintenance access. Less than six weeks from order placement our customer witnessed a successful test of the unit in our state-of-the-art testing facility in Worcester, UK.

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Check out our product page dedicated to MEG, TEG and methanol injection pump packages. Alternatively, watch this video in which Dan guides you through an offshore pump skid projectand describes the challenges we had to overcome.

  • Variable flows.
  • Noise attenuation.
  • Local or remote control.
  • Data acquisition and logging.
  • Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic drive.
  • System performance and health monitoring.

Chemical injection packages are usually manufactured for integration into the customer’s existing systems. For this reason, with many of our units we provide a skid-edge panel for connection of controls and electric supply. However, we frequently supply with local or remote control, system performance/health monitoring, and data acquisition and logging.

More information about our control options.

  • Methanol Injection.
  • MEG/TEG Injection.
  • Inhibitor Injection.
  • Glycol Circulation.
  • Gas & Water Condensate Injection.
  • Produced Water Injection.
  • Oxygen Scavenging.
  • and many more.