Automotive Plant Cleaning Systems

We have a long history of manufacturing and supplying pump units and accessories to the automotive sector. Currently, we supply automotive plant cleaning systems and service to six UK car manufacturing sites. Whether you require a turnkey, stand-alone pump system, a pump skid for integration into existing systems, a bareshaft pump for fitment to an existing system, or accessories, we are here to help.

The Right Pump for the Job

For engine block and head cleaning/de-burring, the Hammelmann HDP40 or HDP70 pump series are the popular choice based on the required performance parameters. Other popular surface preparation applications such as skid cleaning, dolly cleaning, conveyor cleaning, and paint shop grid and walkway cleaning generally use the more powerful HDP120 series. All three series of pump are from the same family of Hammelmann reciprocating plunger pumps. They feature long service intervals and are known for their reliability.

Life Cycle Services

All of our automotive industry pumps and accessories are backed up by our Life Cycle Services team. Based in Worcester, the team provide full spares and service support, and offer training and familiarisation courses for operators and maintenance staff.

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  • Skid. The compact, lightweight option.
  • Skid with environmental enclosure. A combination of compact, lightweight units with a stainless steel environmental enclosure which has sound attenuation options.
  • Trailer – road-going. Road-legal mobile unit for multi-site operation.
  • Trailer – site. Mobile, trailer-mounted unit for onsite movements.
  • Crash frame. Well suited where the unit will operate in multiple locations. Lighter than a container, but still providing very good protection during transportation.
  • Container. The ultimate protection with sound attenuation options. Ideal where the equipment will be operated or stored outside.
  • Grid cleaning.
  • Conveyor cleaning.
  • Cold cutting of parts.
  • De-coating headlights.
  • De-coring engine blocks, cylinder heads, gear housings and intake manifolds.
  • Engine component deburring.
  • Roughening cylinder bores.