Tube Bundle Handling

Our tube bundle handling equipment is all you need for safe, efficient site movements and positioning. We offer heavy, mobile and truck-mounted bundle extractors for the removal and re-insertion of bundles both large and small. Our range includes aerial extractors, straddle carriers, and lift arms to suit all weights and sizes.

Tube Bundle Pulling and Handling Machines

This range of equipment covers the variety of on-site tube bundle lifting and movement encountered by most facilities. If you can’t see what you require, check out the BundlePro brochure.

Hook-lift Extractor (Pull & Push)

A crane lifts this unit into position and then an integrated power unit facilitates the tube bundle pulling and pushing operations. The machine has a facility to balance both the load and the machine.

Self-propelled Mobile Extractor

Designed for manoeuvrability, this machine is particularly versatile. Importantly, tube bundles can be extracted and moved whilst the operator is stood a safe distance away. There are two sizes of self-propelled mobile extractors and each machine can handle a range of bundle sizes.

Truck-mounted Extractor

In addition to the usual features of our extractors, this road-going machine can be used at various locations. As a result, you minimise the replication of machines across different sites.

Bundle Arm Lift

The bundle arm lift unit is a new design capable of lifting tube bundles up to 50,000 kg.

Straddle Carrier

As the name suggests, this unit straddles the tube bundle. The straddle carrier is for the onsite movements and handles tube bundles up to 25,000 kg. A 5-speed gearbox, dual circuit air brakes and power steering make this unit very operator friendly.

Check out our Tube Bundle Cleaning Equipment.

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  • Pull/push capacities – 5, 10, 15, 45, 60, and 100 tonnes.
  • Bundle diameters – 1,000 mm to 3,200 mm
  • Bundle lengths up to 11,900 mm