Calder Today

We are a team of more than 50 people based at our factory in Worcester, United Kingdom. We continue to design, manufacture, build and test pumping equipment as we have for over 40 years. It is important to us that Calder today is a forward-looking company that continues to innovate and evolve. However, maintaining the qualities that have made us successful over the last 40 years is of equal importance.

The People

From day one, Calder recognized the importance of having the right people. Indeed, building a team with the right skills and a can-do attitude has been fundamental to our success.

Our team supports you from the initial concept, through design, manufacture, test, commissioning and then, in the hands of our life cycle services team, for the lifetime of the equipment.

The Product

Our focus is on minimising your life cycle cost by producing machines which are reliable, low maintenance, and durable. We achieve this through extensive engineering design experience, careful component selection, controlled build processes, and thorough in-house testing. In addition to a range of standard pump, vacuum and compressor units, many of our projects are bespoke. Design has to take into account a vast range of factors. For example, operating location, application, accessibility, are important considerations. Additionally, fluid type, fluid temperature, and flow and pressure requirements can be unique.

Our Customers

Like our list of products, our customer base continues to grow and diversify. Our product range for the energy sector evolves to meet the needs of the low carbon economy and emerging renewables energy technologies. Our industrial high pressure product range has contributed significantly in the drive towards automation and removing the operator from the hazardous work area.


We continually invest in our design software which is the basis for a great product and our build and test procedures are frequently audited to ensure product quality. The standards to which we work include ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001. Furthermore, we are regularly audited by our customers, Achilles, and Investors in People.