Process and Utility Pumps and Packages

We supply a wide range of process and utility pumps, packages and systems. These are primarily for ATEX and IECEx hazardous area locations, and have capacities over 11,300 m3/h, and heads up to 2,740m. These pumps include end suction, split case, multistage, horizontal or vertical, dry mounted and submerged pump configurations with sealed and sealless/mag drive designs.

Standards and Materials

The centrifugal pumps we provide meet relevant international standards such as API, ASME B73.1/2 (ANSI), DIN 24255 – EN 733, ISO 2858, and ISO 5199. We supply these pumps in a variety of wetted materials. This includes carbon steel, cast iron, 316 SS, duplex SS, super duplex, Hastelloy B & C, titanium. Other materials are available.

Process and Utility Pump Packages Applications

This range of pump units is suitable for the energy, petrochemical, and refinery markets. Operators use these pumps for chemicals, condensate, hydrocarbons, seawater, hazardous liquids, wastewater, lube and fuel oils. And applications include high pressure/high temperature process, boosting and circulation.

For some process and utility applications we provide other pump technologies. These alternatives include rotary screw pumps (API 676), membrane pumps (API 675), air-driven membrane pumps and also reciprocating pumps (API 674). Obviously, the pump type depends on the process requirements and duties.

Package Mounting Options

Many process and utility pumps are permanent installations. In these cases, customers frequently select a simple pump skid. It is the lightweight option and generally the most cost effective. Skids with environmental enclosures are also a popular choice. They offer noise attenuation and also protection for the pump unit from the environment. Options include the design to withstand blast loads, internal maintenance hoist, heating and lighting. We have a vast experience designing offshore pump units in DNV-certified crash frames and containers. Although not common for this application, these options provide greater protection for the equipment and can be lifted by crane.