Pump Package Control Systems

Our in-house electrical & instrumentation team ensure you have the control and monitoring capabilities to suit your needs. We manufacture everything from basic pump package control systems for incorporation into the customer’s existing system, to complete turnkey systems with full control, data logging and system monitoring facilities. Many of our projects require pumps to operate in hazardous areas and this is an area in which we have considerable experience.

Control and Monitoring

We offer the latest in HMI touchscreen control and monitoring. Easy-to-use menus guide the operator through screen displays for; unit performance, pump monitoring, engine monitoring, and fault finding. You can choose a touchscreen or a combination of touchscreen and pushbuttons to give the operator both choice and flexibility.

Comprehensive measuring, monitoring, alarm and shutdown functions ensure complete control over all processes, parameters and critical equipment. Operating parameters can be managed and restricted through a tiered approach to control panel settings access.

Another key point is the option for VSD Variable Speed Drive (VSD) control. This gives the operator the capability of providing a variable flowrate from 0% to 100% at the required duty

Control Options

Control options include:

  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD) control.
  • Variable flows.
  • Local or remote control.
  • Data acquisition and logging.
  • System performance and health monitoring.

Typical Functions

Typical functions include:

  • Alarm and shutdown functions.
  • Adjustable operating parameters.
  • Built-in instructions and manual.
  • Fault-finding function.
  • Vertical capacitance fuel level sensor.
  • Wireless accessory compatibility.
  • Datalogging.
  • Comprehensive monitoring.
  • Water quality sensor.
  • Touchscreen control.
  • Pushbutton control.
  • Engine speed control.
  • Auto idle.
  • Engine preheat.
  • Water pressure control.
  • Pressure pre-set function.

Discuss Your Controls and Monitoring Requirements

Whatever your control requirements, we are here to help. Our team has vast experience designing and building pump package control systems to suit our customers’ very specific application and operating location requirements. Please call us on +44 1905 751790 or email sales@calder.co.uk.