Jetting Guns & Tumble Boxes

We supply jetting guns & tumble boxes for all your waterjetting applications.

Waterjetting Guns:

  • Dry shut guns up to 1,000 bar.
  • Dump guns up to 3,000 bar.
  • Open lances with electronic trigger up to 3,000.
  • Single and double trigger versions available.

Tumble Boxes

Our tumble box is an inline dump valve developed for use with all plunger pump types, using pneumatically powered jetting guns with pilot return air signals. Air is supplied from the customer’s pump unit or from a separate air compressor, through the tumble box pressure regulator, lubricator and water trap device to the high pressure jetting gun.

An air return signal from the gun return line is connected to the pneumatic cylinder. When triggers are pulled, the unit applies air to the cylinder closing the ‘dump’ valve and pressurising the gun. When triggers are opened/released, the unit vents air from the cylinder and the gun is depressurised. Our fail-safe design allows depressurisation if air hoses leak or burst.

High pressure wear parts can be field-replaced in minutes courtesy of the cartridge repair kit.

Get in Touch to Talk Jetting Guns & Tumble Boxes

If you need advice about the range of guns/lances and tumble boxes we supply, or wish to make a purchase, please call our sales engineers on +44 1905 751790 or email

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