Pump Service and Support

We provide a full service from unit concept through to design, build, test, and commissioning. And we back this up with full service support throughout the entire life cycle of our products. Our dedicated team of pump service and support engineers are highly trained and have vast experience of our equipment. They put this experience to good use at customer sites all over the world, both onshore and offshore.

Bespoke Service Contracts – Peace of Mind

Many of our customers are content to call on us on the rare occasions they require an ad hoc service or repair. However, a growing number of customers are now benefitting from our bespoke service contracts. These bespoke service contracts provide regular, proactive, preventative maintenance tailored to the customer’s specific operations. This is particularly valuable for our customers who run our equipment around the clock, such as our many automotive customers. These customers can ill-afford downtime due to unplanned maintenance.

Offshore Service Visits

Offshore equipment based on oil or gas platforms, rigs, FPSOs, marine vessels etc. is usually serviced in situ by our team of offshore-certified service engineers.

Onshore Service Visits

For our many customers who have pumps permanently installed on their site, we travel to them to carry out service work, whether they are UK-based, or abroad. However, some customers prefer to return their equipment to Calder for inspection, maintenance and repairs. And of course, our customers who use our mobile equipment, such as our road-going trailer jetting pumps, often find it most convenient to tow their equipment to our factory.

In-house Testing

At our facility in Worcester, we have a modern, extensively equipped testing facilities, with video streaming capabilities. Before we despatch a bareshaft pump to our customer, we use a dedicated bareshaft pump test rig to test most high pressure pumps upon completion of any maintenance work. Full test reports are also supplied to our customers as part of the service report pack.

Whatever your service needs, we are here to help. Please call us on +44 1905 751792 or email support@calder.co.uk.