API 675 double diaphragm pumps are a cost-effective solution for our customers’ low flow rate or low pressure injection applications. The benefits of API 675 pumps in low flow/pressure applications includes the easy flow control through manual/electric stroke adjustment.

Typical process pumping applications include scale and corrosion inhibitor injection, biocide, oxy scavenger, and many other chemical injection operations.

If you require higher flow/pressure pump units, then visit our API 674 page.

Our API 675 double diaphragm pump units are generally air motor, electric motor, or hydraulically driven and we design and manufacture for all hazardous area operating environments including ATEX Zone I and Zone 2, NORSOK, CSA and CRN, and Gost/RTN.

These controlled-volume pumps feature an adjustable stroke which is controlled in line with injection requirements. The equipment is generally skid or crash frame mounted. Crash frames are popular as they offer a good balance of protection for the equipment whilst minimising weight and giving all round access to the components.

We are an experienced designer and manufacturer of API 675 pump packages and Calder-built units are operating in some of the harshest environments around the world. To talk with us about your application, please call +44 1905 751790 or email sales@calder.co.uk.

  • Electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic drive.
  • Skid, crash frame or container.
  • Environmental enclosure.
  • Manual or automatic adjustment.
  • Tubing in 316 stainless steel, 6mo, Duplex.
  • Integral storage tank.
  • Diaphragm rupture detection system.
  • Calibration pot.
  • Vibration monitoring.
  • High accuracy feed rate.
  • Ideal for hazardous, corrosive, or high temperature fluids.
  • Compact, lightweight pump units.
  • In-house design, build and test.
  • Pressure transmitter.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Flow meter.
  • Discharge damper.
  • Discharge PSV.
  • Suction strainer.