Power-to-X Pump Systems (P2X)

Our proven track record in designing and manufacturing specialized pump units for hazardous environments aligns perfectly with the diverse range of applications for high pressure pumping within the Power-to-X sector. We supply safe, well designed, high quality, and compliant pump and compressor packages. Our knowledge and experience will provide you with bespoke pump units that optimize safety, efficiency, and performance for the Power-to-X industry.

High Pressure Pumping for P2X Processes:

1. Electrolysis

In Power-to-Hydrogen processes, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen using an electrolyzer. High pressure pumps are used to maintain the required pressure on the water feedstock, as well as to pressurize the produced hydrogen gas for storage or further processing.

2. Hydrogen Compression and Storage

After production, hydrogen gas often needs to be compressed to higher pressures for storage or transportation. High pressure pumps or compressors are used to achieve the desired compression ratios.

3. Methanation (Power-to-Gas)

In Power-to-Gas processes, hydrogen is combined with carbon dioxide (CO2) to produce synthetic natural gas (methane). This process often occurs at elevated pressures, requiring high pressure pumps to maintain the necessary operating conditions.

4. Synthetic Fuel Production (Power-to-Liquid)

In Power-to-Liquid processes, hydrogen is combined with carbon from sources like CO2 or biomass to produce synthetic liquid fuels (e.g., methanol, synthetic diesel). These reactions may occur at high pressures, necessitating high pressure pumps for precise control and operation.

5. Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU)

In some P2X scenarios, carbon dioxide captured from industrial processes or directly from the atmosphere can be utilized in the conversion process. High pressure pumps may be employed to pressurize and inject the CO2 into the reaction chambers or into large, deep underground storage applications.

6. Transport and Distribution

When P2X products like hydrogen or synthetic fuels are being transported via pipelines, high pressure pumps are used to maintain the necessary pressure levels for efficient transport.

7. Reaction Kinetics and Efficiency

In some P2X processes, elevated pressures can enhance reaction kinetics and overall process efficiency. High pressure pumps are used to achieve and maintain these desired operating conditions.

8. Safety and Containment

High pressure pumps are crucial for maintaining safe operating conditions within the P2X system. They help to contain and control potentially hazardous gases or fluids.


Our control systems offer precise control and monitoring capabilities to match your specific requirements. Whether you need basic pump package controls for integration into an existing system or complete turnkey solutions with advanced features like data logging and system monitoring, we’ve got you covered. Our in-house electrical and instrumentation team has extensive expertise in hazardous area operations, and they excel in ensuring the safety and efficiency of our control systems.

Control possibilities extend to variable flows (from 0% to 100%), local or remote operation, data acquisition and logging, and system performance and health tracking. Features can include alarms and shutdowns, adjustable operating parameters, built-in instructions, fault-finding, wireless accessory compatibility, extensive temperature and flow monitoring and pressure pre-set functions.

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