Frequently Asked Questions

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Design, Build and Test

+Do you design pump packages for hazardous areas?

Absolutely. In fact, hazardous area pump design is our speciality. We manufacture pump units for NORSOK, ATEX, CSA, IECEx, and more. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being the go-to company for hazardous area flow solutions – pumps, vacuums, and compressors.

+ Do you offer bespoke pump package design?

Yes, we certainly do. Over many years, we have specialised in the design of pump packages that solve a problem, frequently in hazardous areas. The problem is often a lack of space or access to the area of operation, especially on offshore platforms. We have, therefore, gained significant experience in the design of compact, small-footprint pump packages. Limited craneage and lift capability is a problem experienced by many operators. As such, in addition to bespoke designs for specific projects, in 2015 we developed a range of lightweight pump, vacuum and compressor units to meet operators’ needs.

We also manufacture a range of standard pump products. Many projects start with a standard unit design which we then modify to suit our customers’ specific applications.

+Do you manufacture your pump packages and accessories?

Yes. We design, build and test at our factory in Worcester, UK.

We also offer certain products from other manufacturers such as Hammelmann, DERC Salotech, and TST. Whilst we have over 40 years’ experience in the design and build of pump packages, we are not here to re-invent the wheel. We partner with a select group of companies who have tremendous experience and expertise in their products. These products complement our range of pumps and accessories.

+Do you test in-house?

Yes. Our customers have varied testing requirements. But, whatever their requirements, the benefits of our in-house test facilities are welcomed.


+ Can I hire a pump unit from you?

No, sorry, we don’t hire out equipment. However, we will happily direct you to our customers who do rent/hire our units. So we may be able to point you in the right direction.
It may pay to reconsider the decision to hire if you have a long-term project requirement. We have a range of onshore and offshore pump units to suit many budgets.

+ Can you paint a pump unit in our corporate colours?

Our bespoke build units can be painted in the customers’ choice of colour. Sometimes, more than one colour is used. Similarly, in the case of a pump skid, the baseframe can be painted to suit the customer.

Our mobile waterjetting units sometimes have a GRP cover. Generally, the customer adds their logo in the form of a vinyl print. However, you can also fit a full wrap vinyl print over the entire cover to maximise the visual effect or branding requirement.

+ Can I purchase just the bareshaft pump from you?

Yes. We offer a large range of process and industrial bareshaft pumps. These are usually a replacement for an old pump. Occasionally, the bareshaft pump is for incorporation into a system the customer is building or designing.

+ Do you supply HP or UHP pumps?

Both. Our pump range covers pressures up to 4,000 bar. So we can manufacture a high pressure, or ultra high pressure pump unit for you. Even better, we offer pump performance conversion kits. These are easily fitted and allow you to switch your unit between HP and UHP to suit the application.

+ Are your pumps suitable for seawater?

We offer the option of pump head metallurgies such as Duplex and Super Duplex to allow the pumping of seawater, process fluids and chemicals.

Other Manufacturers

+ Do you sell Hammelmann products?

Yes. We are the sole Hammelmann UK Agents which enables us to stock a huge range of pump spares for quick despatch. We incorporate Hammelmann pumps into many of our high pressure pump units. We also supply Hammelmnann’s huge range of waterjetting accessories which perfectly complement our pump units.

+ Do you sell DERC Salotech products?

Yes. We are the UK agent for Derc Salotech waterjetting accessories. From nozzles to abrasive cutting systems. Blast containers for bundle tube cleaning to rotary pipe cleaners. The range is impressive.

+ Do you sell TST high pressure safety clothing?

Not only have we been a UK distributor of TST products for over twenty years, we have used their products over that period too. Such is our belief in their PPE range to protect the operator from serious or fatal injury that we use TST safety products whenever we demonstrate and test our high pressure pumps and accessories.

We supply full body suits, aprons, gaiters, head protection, hi-vis waterjet clothing, and hose protectors. Check out our TST safety clothing and products, give us a call on +44 1905 751790 or email


+ What training do you provide?

We deliver various training courses. These include familiarisation training on Calder equipment and UK Water Jetting Association (WJA) approved safety training.

+ What after-sales support do you provide?

Our Life Cycle Services team support you throughout the life of the equipment. They are there with an extensive spares stockholding, full service support from experienced technicians, and various training courses.