Our experience comes from decades of bespoke pump, compressor, and vacuum package design and build for the offshore energy sector. Whatever the pumping challenge, we thrive on finding the solution. Our onshore and offshore energy sector pumps and pump packages cover the three areas of Process, Well Service, and Fabric Maintenance.

Bespoke products have been provided for many interesting and specialist applications. These include applications such as injecting drill cuttings thousands of feet into dedicated waste injection reservoirs; pumping methanol down a 60-km pipeline at 700 bar pressure; removing paint coating from ships’ hulls using water at 3,000 bar (43,500 psi); and using high pressure water to excavate a trench on the sea bed in 1,000 metres of water.

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Whether your pumping requirement is for a platform, FPSO, drill ship, or well service vessel, please browse our product groups below or contact our sales engineers.