Petrochemical Industry Pumps and Accessories

We supply petrochemical industry pumps and accessories. Our products are for applications which include pipeline, tube, tank, and vessel cleaning, abrasive/cold cutting, and surface preparation of large storage tanks.

Semi-Automation and Remote Control

Much of the equipment used for these applications is semi-automated and can be remotely controlled. The remote control removes the operator from the area of work, something our customers are requesting more and more. Semi-automating the processes has huge benefits in terms of both quality and efficiency.

Freelance Tube Cleaning Machine

Our popular Freelance tube cleaning unit is a pneumatically powered, internal flexible lance system. This is a portable unit with adjustable and controlled lance extension allowing consistent, end-to-end tube cleaning. The Freelance video shows how easy the unit is to operate. Another key point is that the unit provides end-to-end cleaning of the tube. The Freelance has been used for internal tube cleaning around the globe for over 30 years. In fact, more than 200 of these tube cleaning units have been manufactured and supplied.

Other Tube and Pipe Cleaning Products

Other products include our RPCD rotary hose device, the Rotocar tube and pipe cleaning system, and a comprehensive range of nozzles. We manufacture and supply all the accessories you could need from simple centralisers to rotating hose systems.

Our products range from hand-held lances for small jobs to complete cleaning systems for major shutdown applications.

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