Geothermal Energy Recovery – Pump Systems

Our experience lends itself well to pumping in deep geothermal applications. Indeed, this was borne out with our first geothermal energy recovery project, a Thermal Testing and Pumping System for Geothermal Energy Recovery. This was a closed loop, downhole heat exchanger system that is now in operation in the UK.

We have designed and manufactured high pressure pump systems for over 40 years, more than 25 of those in the oil & gas sector. A large proportion of our oil & gas supply history is the injection of drill cuttings, produced water and a range of chemicals into both onshore and offshore wells and pipelines. All of these applications bear huge similarities to geothermal pumping. We specialise in bespoke design, taking great pleasure in solving the challenges of harsh process fluids, near-inaccessible operating locations, and the stringent industry and customer specifications. The design, build and testing takes place here at our factory in Worcester, UK. Our customer frequently witness the F.A.T. – usually in person, but sometimes through our remote inspection and testing capability.

Why Choose Calder for your next Geothermal Energy Recovery Pump System

  • Pressure, flow, and material selection: Our pump range includes models capable of continuous pumping operations up to 4,000 bar and flow rates 3,500 m³/h. Pump material selection is crucial when dealing with aggressive or corrosive substances. We utilise special metals to suit the pumped medium.
  • Energy Efficiency: Our pump range is built with high-quality materials and precision engineering, making them durable and reliable even under demanding conditions. These pumps use high-quality seals and packing materials to reduce leakage and prevent energy losses.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Our design team places great importance on easy maintenance and ease of access for our pump packages.
  • Safety Features: Safety is paramount. Every project is assessed and the appropriate safety features incorporated into the design. Furthermore, we are vastly experienced designing for hazardous areas.
  • Size and Space Requirements: We have considerable experience designing and manufacturing pump units for remote, confined and challenging locations. In fact, we relish the challenge!
  • Integration and Automation: Compatibility with existing systems and the ability to integrate with automation systems can improve efficiency and streamline operations. Our E&I team will ensure the pump system meets your requirements.
  • Lifetime Support: We pride ourselves on the standard of after-sales support we provide – training courses, large spares stockholding, and our hugely helpful and supportive service technicians. We are to help for the lifetime of your equipment!

Geothermal Industrial-Scale Pump Packages

Pump Selection

Many will say the most important part of designing and packaging a pump system is the pump selection. It is certainly up there with the major decisions we have to make with every new design. For geothermal projects a high flow and low running costs are required. Our geothermal pump series is perfect for the application. The pumps deliver both high flow rates and high pressures coupled with reliability and long service intervals.

Mounting Options

The mounting criteria will usually be driven by the operating location or locations.

  • Skid. This is the lightest option. Can be supplied with fork lift pockets, and lifting eyes and lifting beam for crane lifts.
  • Skid and separate environmental enclosure. This consists of a lightweight skid with the option of a floor- or skid-mounted environmental enclosure with noise attenuation options.
  • Crash frame. This option is lightweight and affords considerable protection during transportation.
  • Container. This provides maximum protection for transportation operations and environmental conditions. Comes with a choice of noise attenuation options.
  • Trailer. There are two trailer options for land-based operations. Firstly, road-going trailer units for multi-site operations. Secondly, we offer site trailer units allowing easy movements within one site.

Controls and Monitoring

Our in-house electrical & instrumentation team ensure you have the control and monitoring capabilities to suit your needs. Whether that is a basic pump package control system for incorporation into the customer’s existing system, or a complete turnkey system with full control, data logging and system monitoring facilities. Comprehensive measuring, monitoring, alarm and shutdown options are available to ensure complete control over all processes, parameters and critical equipment.

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