Produced water injection pumps

Calder high pressure pump units have been used for water injection and waterflooding operations for many years. Whether for maintaining or increasing well pressure, voidage replacement, or oil displacement, our water injection packages offer a reliable, effective solution. These pump packages deliver fixed or variable flows at a range of pressures to meet the most challenging field conditions. We design and manufacture for both hazardous and non-hazardous, and onshore and offshore locations.

These machines can be diesel engine or electric motor driven and there are a variety of mounting options. The controls are designed to suit your specific requirements. Packages start with basic controls for integration into existing systems. However, our projetcs frequently include full remote control with system health and performance monitoring, and data acquisition and logging capabilities. Through our in-house electrical & instrumentation team, we are able to provide a control system to suit your very specific requirements.

The Pump

At the heart of our produced water injection pumps and packages is the ever-reliable Hammelmann reciprocating plunger pump which features a space-saving vertical design, and a high pressure labyrinth seal for long-term reliability.

The design of a produced water pump unit for an unmanned platform is detailed in this case study.

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  • Simple controls to fully integrated, unmanned control systems.
  • Pump flow rate controls allow fixed or variable flow rates using variable frequency or hydraulic drives.

Pump unit control system configurations featuring the following options:

  • Single or multiple pump unit control systems.
  • Operation from a remote location.
  • Local control systems which can be skid mounted.
  • Full integration and interface with client control systems.
  • Use of latest communication protocols.
  • Comprehensive instrumentation with health/status monitoring functions.
  • Full data acquisition and logging capabilities.

Triplex, Quintuplex, or Septuplex reciprocating plunger pumps, API 674.

  • Pressure range: 30 bar (435 psi) to 4000 bar (56,000 psi)
  • Flow range: 0.1 m³ to 179m³/hr

  • Bellows form a hermetic seal between the pump suction chamber and crank section.
  • Produced water piston wash system (to prevent build-up of mineral deposits).
  • Hammelmann high pressure labyrinth seal for long term reliability >4000 hrs.
  • Volumetric efficiency 95% (with water).
  • Mechanical efficiency 95%.
  • Vertical mount pump for minimal foot print.
  • In-built gear reducer.

Material options:

  • Stainless Steel.
  • Duplex Stainless Steel (22% Cr).
  • Super Duplex Stainless Steels (25% Cr).
  • Sea Water Injection.
  • Water Condensate Injection.
  • Produced Water Injection.
  • Liquid Natural Gas Injection.
  • Water Flooding.