Other API Pumps

With bids for energy applications, Calder undertake pump system engineering from concept studies, through to the FEED stage, and project execution. For those projects requiring API Pump Packages, we supply:

API Pump Packages

API610 horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps type OH, BB and VS

Applications cover; condensate, closed/open drains, circulation, cooling, high pressure/high flow, crude export, water/seawater boost, feed & injection, produced water injection, lube & fuel oils, chemicals, MEG/Methanol injection, also compliance with NACE MR0175

API682 Mechanical seals/seal plans, as follows:

– Single mechanical seal without external piping.
– Single seal with external cooler/piping for high temperature fluids.
– Dual, between seal, systems with barrier fluid, accumulator.
– Full range of systems available.

API676 Positive Displacement pumps:

– Twin & triple screw pumps with self-priming capability.
– Progressive cavity/mono pumps, with self-priming capability.
– Rotary lobe gear.
Suitable for Energy and Petrochemical/Refinery pumping applications, for crude oil, wet-gas, multiphase liquids, chemicals, polymers, solids handling, low NPSH, high temperatures/high vapour pressures.

API685 Sealless centrifugal pumps:

– Canned motor pumps.
– Magnetic drive pumps.
Utilised in the energy sector and petrochem/refinery applications where leakage of the process liquid cannot be permitted due to this being explosive, toxic and harmful. This affords higher maintainability, reliability, and increased service intervals, due to no mechanical seals being fitted.

API675 Double Membrane pumps:

– Stroke Control.
– Hermetically sealed.

API674 Reciprocating pumps:

– Stroke Control.
– Seal systems.
– Lube oil systems.

Our scope is tailored to suit the requirements of the project, from a bare shaft pump, to complete pumping systems, including control panels/variable speed drives, lube oil systems, bearing cooling systems, barrier seal and leakage detection systems.

The API (American Petroleum Institute) is a standards-setting organisation.