Waterjetting Equipment for Civil Engineering

We manufacture and supply high pressure pump units and waterjetting equipment for civil engineering. Our much-trusted and reliable MultiJet units are in action throughout the world providing high pressure water for civl engineering applications. For example, applications include road surface scarification, road marking removal, surface roughening, concrete removal, expansion joint removal, tunnel cleaning, and much more.

Whether you are removing concrete from motorway bridge supports, removing white lines from the road, or cleaning a tunnel, we have all the equipment you need. And we back it up with full spares and service support. The news items listed on this page will give you a good idea of the applications that benefit from high pressure waterjetting.

Hydrodemolition Case Study

This hydrodemolition case study details the removal of concrete from the underside of a motorway flyover. The case study describes the reason for the concrete removal, why hydrodemolition is the best method, and the equipment used. Or view the hydrodemolition video.

Pump Units

Our mobile, road-going MultiJet waterjetting pump units are the unit of choice for many operators. The quality and reliability that has been built into the MultiJet over many years is particularly valued by operators using the units across multiple locations, often on time-constricted projects. In addition to our trailer-mounted pump units, the MultiJet can also be supplied on a skid, or in a crash frame or container.


Our range of waterjetting accessories covers almost every high pressure waterjetting application you may have. From nozzles to mobile filtration, from PPE to remote operation, we have the solution for you.

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  • Selective concrete removal.
  • White line removal.
  • Expansion joint removal.
  • Tunnel cleaning.
  • Rubber removal.
  • Road surface scarifying.
  • Skid. The compact, lightweight option. Discover more about our pump skids, our pump skid supply history and application examples.

  • Skid with environmental enclosure. A combination of compact, lightweight unit with a stainless steel environmental enclosure which has sound attenuation options.
  • Trailer – road-going. Road-legal mobile unit for multi-site operation.
  • Trailer – site. Mobile, trailer-mounted unit for onsite movements.
  • Crash frame. Well suited where the unit will operate in multiple locations. Lighter than a container, but still providing very good protection during transportation.
  • Container. The ultimate protection with sound attenuation options. Ideal where the equipment will be operated or stored outside.

Comprehensive measuring, monitoring, alarm and shutdown functions ensure complete control over all processes, parameters and critical equipment. Operating parameters can be managed and restricted through a tiered approach to control panel settings access.

  • Alarm and shutdown functions.
  • Adjustable operating parameters.
  • Built-in instructions and manual.
  • Fault-finding function.
  • Vertical capacitance fuel level sensor.
  • Wireless accessory compatible.
  • Water quality sensor option.
  • Datalogging options.
  • Touchscreen control.
  • Pushbutton control.
  • Engine speed control.
  • Auto idle.
  • Engine preheat.
  • Water pressure control.
  • Pressure pre-set function.
  • Comprehensive monitoring.