Our high pressure well service plunger pumps can be found in operation around the world. Whether injecting drill cuttings, seawater, or produced water, we offer pumps that are easy to maintain and built to last. Available in four sizes, 450kW, 750kW, 1680kW and 1800kW maximum power rating.

Our well service pumps are packaged into a variety of well service applications including: pressure testing, water flood, cuttings reinjection, waste injection, and cementing.

For further information see:
Pressure TestingSubsea Trenching | Cuttings Re-injection (CRI) and Waste Injection | Fracturing – Well Kill – Acidising | Well Stimulation.

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CRI 450

up to 447kW
up to 1161 bar
up to 2,608 l/min View PDF

CRI 1680

up to 1,688kW
up to 1,371 bar
up to 5,734 l/min View PDF

WS 750

up to 750kW
up to 1147 bar
up to 3,668 l/min View PDF

CRI 1800

up to 1,800kW
up to 1,373 bar
up to 5,734 l/min View PDF