Well Service Pumps

We design and manufacture well service pump packages for hazardous environment operation. Our well intervention and well service pumps achieve your application-specific flow and pressure requirements and meet the hazardous area standards and specifications of your operating region including NORSOK, ATEX, and IECEx. These pump units all benefit from Calder’s wealth of offshore, hazardous area design and engineering experience which has made our products popular and trusted with offshore energy operators for over three decades.

Post completion, there are many well service applications requiring a large range of pressures, flows and pumped medium. With maintenance and well integrity critical, our in-house design and engineering team focuses on safety and reliability to ensure our well service pumps meet the high expectations of our customers.

Our range of products covers all pumping applications for well intervention work towards the end of the life of a well. Our combination of standard products, bespoke engineering capabilities, and product quality ensure we have the solution to your well intervention and well service pumping requirements.

Well Stimulation Activities

Many of the jobs that come under the well stimulation banner require the use of higher pressures with lower flows, necessitating the use of a different kind of pump. Often it is the technically advanced Hammelmann pump that is employed. Additionally, these pumps also lend themselves to pipeline pressure testing as well as scale squeeze, coiled tubing, acidising and methanol injection.

Semi-solids and Slurries

We are experienced in building multi-purpose well service pumps for semi-solids slurry. Typically, these applications require pressures to be relatively low and the flows reasonably high. We employ traditional horizontal pump designs that can withstand the rigours of drill cuttings re-injection, cementing, pressure test, formation fracturing, and acidising operations.

Configurations and Options

Pump packages can be configured to include an electric motor with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) control, capable of providing a variable flowrate from 10% to 100% at the required duty pressure. Alternatively, diesel-driven systems are available with six-speed transmission. Additional configurations such as diesel/electro hydraulic drives are also available. We offer a range of options such as environmental enclosures which provide noise attenuation and weather protection, local and remote operator controls, and much more.

Hazardous Areas and Harsh Environments

Calder design and build equipment to operate in some of the harshest environments on the planet. The pump packages typically operate offshore in hazardous area environments, designed to meet the requirements of ATEX Zone 1, Zone 2, NORSOK and other industry standards.

Well Service Pumps – Special Applications

Such is our engineering and design experience, we are often called upon to design well service pumps with very specific attributes.

Heliportable Units

For a remote location accessible only by helicopter, Calder was tasked with the design and build of two modular pump packages – each section to weigh a maximum of 3,500 kg. Using creative techniques of design and manufacture, two 18-tonne pump units were built and delivered in a configuration that allows separate helicopter lifts but can be easily and quickly assembled on the remote jobsite ensuring swift deployment.

Compact Units

We designed these units to have a small footprint as there was very little offshore platform space available. To suit site noise restrictions the units have noise hoods which attenuate the noise levels to within 85 dBa, are easily removable and offer excellent protection from the elements. Destined for Newfoundland these units comply with Canadian CSA regulations for electrical equipment. Check out this compact unit case study.

Mobile Unit

We designed this versatile, road-going trailer-mounted waste injection package to allow the operator to easily move the unit to various land-based operations. The compact design and two-storey configuration allow the control station, mixing tank, and storage for suction and delivery hoses to be part of the trailer unit thus allowing the unit to be self-contained.

  • Cuttings (CRI)
  • Casing fluids
  • Slurries
  • Drilling fluids/Waste
  • Deck drainage/slops
  • Treatment fluids
  • Workover fluids
  • Completion fluids
  • Hydrostatic test water
  • Well Stimulation
  • Chemical Injection
  • Fracturing
  • Cementing
  • BOP Testing
  • Well Kill
  • Pressure Testing
  • CRI/Waste Injection
  • Water Flood
  • Bull heading
  • Skid
  • Container
  • Skid and noise hood
  • Crash frame
  • Electric
  • Diesel
  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic
  • Variable speed drive
  • Local or remote control
  • Data acquisition
  • Performance monitoring