Our water-based hydraulic power units are used primarily for the activation of subsea valves. These are specialised, hazardous area pump units designed and built to a high specification.

To achieve the performance and reliability that the application demands, we select a Hammelmann reciprocating plunger pump. These pumps are mounted vertically which saves space, and are known for their reliability and long service intervals.

The container is DNV 2.7-1 certified and can be lifted by fork truck or by the 5-leg sling set supplied with each unit. The HMI controls and service connection manifold are externally mounted in lockable panels. Generally, the containers have three access doors and one set of large double doors – although the configuration can be designed to suit individual requirements. There is an option to use a DNV 2.7-3 certified crash frame where weight is critical.

Inside the container is a raised floor allowing all high pressure and control hoses to run underneath providing a trip/hazard-free walkway. There is clear access to both sides of the engine and pump assembly, and ATEX-compliant internal lighting can be included.

  • Duplex pump head for seawater applications.
  • Container or crash frame.
  • Fire and gas detection system.
  • Permanent fire extinguishing system (foam).
  • Shut-down capability (permissive and feedback signals) from the main control room.
  • Internal hazardous area lighting.
  • Noise attenuation.
  • Actual value: discharge pressure or engine speed (RPM), depending upon control mode selected.
  • Set value: discharge pressure or engine speed (RPM), depending upon control mode selected.
  • Hours run.
  • Pump inlet water pressure and temperature.
  • Pump oil pressure and temperature.
  • Engine cooling water temperature.
  • Engine oil pressure.
  • Fuel level.
  • Battery condition.
  • Bypass valve air pressure.
  • Stainless steel water buffer tank.
  • Suction filter isolation valves.
  • Tachometer.
  • Pressure safety valve.
  • Pneumatically operated bypass valve.
  • Suction filter.
  • Spark arrestor.
  • Air compressor.
  • External stainless steel services manifold.
  • External fuel fill.
  • Lockable, external control panel.