Our lightweight, hazardous area pump, vacuum, and compressor units are an innovative solution for facilities which have reduced crane lift capacity or limited deck space.

A unit gross weight of less than 4,500 kg (1,500 kg with our modular options) makes the range truly lightweight. Considerable space saving is achieved through the small footprint which benefits most installations. These units are ideal for a range of offshore decommissioning, fabric maintenance, and well service applications.

In addition to our standard range we have considerable experience in the design of bespoke lightweight, compact units to suit specific applications and locations.

Through sound design, careful component selection and demanding assembly and test procedures, the Offshore LITE range will provide operators with the reliability and long service life for which Calder units are known worldwide.

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Check out this news item detailing a recent order for a modular, lightweight offshore jetting unit.

  • Less than 4,500 kg gross weight.
  • Modular units less than 1,500 kg crane lift.
  • Small footprint.
  • DNV 2.7-1 compliant container.
  • ATEX hazardous area rating.
  • Lifting slings.
  • Fork-truck slots.
  • Control panel with external access.
  • External fuel fill (diesel units).
  • Inlet/Outlet manifold.
  • Easy access for maintenance.
  • Lockable access doors.
  • Sound attenuation.
  • Diesel units – up to 70 kW.
  • Electric units – typically 37 kW.
  • Electric units – designed to operate using a standard, 63 amp, 3-phase socket.

We always design units to minimise unit weight and footprint whilst ensuring the equipment is easily accessible for maintenance. However, we relish the opportunity to push the boundaries further. Here are some examples of projects we have delivered.

  • Hydraulically driven, high pressure chemical injection package. Energy giant Shell required a pump package designed for use in a Zone 2 hazardous environment on the deck of an offshore service vessel and offshore platforms. A package consisting of a hydraulic power pack and a high pressure pump, both mounted in compact, DNV-certified offshore containers was chosen. Each container has good access, can be lifted by fork truck or crane, is noise attenuated, and has a maximum weight of 4,500 kg. Read the news item.
  • Nuclear reactor emergency boiler feed cooling system. Calder were tasked with the design and build of lightweight, high pressure auxiliary cooling water pump packages capable of being deployed on demand throughout the UK. Read the case study.
  • Small skid footprint well service pump. Severe platform space constraints due to escape routes, platform structural steel and a blast wall meant the size of the standard CRI unit would exceed the available footprint. Read the case study.
  • Modular offshore jetter. We designed and built a Zone 2 hazardous area pump unit in a two-piece modular design with each module weighing a maximum of 1,500 kg. One module container the high pressure pump and the other a diesel engine. Each module is contained within a DNV-certified crash frame and the modules feature an easy location/connection device.
  • Heliportable well service pump unit. With a site not accessible by road and helicopter lifts, therefore, being necessary, a novel solution was required for this pump unit weighing 14,000 kg. The unit was designed in six sections each weighing less than 3,500 kg. Through good design an easy and accurate site assembly mechanism was achieved.
  • Four air-driven pneumatic chemical injection packages for North Sea platform. Working alongside a major EPC, Calder have designed and built four multi-pump, air-driven, chemical injection skids for a leading North Sea oil major. The project constraints required each of the four packages to be designed and constructed to fit into existing deck envelopes and work around existing structures. Our project management and engineering team relished the challenge of designing such low-footprint packages to include the large volume of pipework, valves and associated instrumentation required to provide a safe and cost-effective solution.
  • Hazardous area high temperature washdown unit. A bespoke high temperature, high pressure pump package with the capacity to clean three platform decks simultaneously was required. To fit the available deck space, a two-storey construction with access platform ensured a minimum footprint with easy access to components. The unit is operating in the Danish sector of the North Sea. It is NORSOK and Zone II compliant and produces 62 lpm of hot water at 190 bar. The maximum water temperature is 65°C and the minimum continuous running temperature is 55°C.

Container – DNV 2.7-1 certified. Maximum protection with the standard features of:

  • Fork-lifts pockets and a 5-leg sling set.
  • Lockable doors.
  • Lockable control and connection panels.
  • Marine spec paint system.
  • Bunding.

and container options which include:

  • Internal maintenance hoist.
  • Nosie attenuation.
  • Internal, hazardous area lighting.
  • Space heater.
  • Gas and fire detection.
  • Fire suppression.

  • Crash Frame – DNC 2.7-3 certified.
  • Skid – the lightest option. For safe area applications.
  • Modular – where weight or access is very limited. These units are easily re-assembled on site.