Well Service Mud Pumps

We design and manufacture robust, functional, reliable high pressure pumping equipment for mud injection applications around the world. Every Calder Waste Injection unit incorporates the proven inherent attributes of quality and reliability whilst matching individual installation requirements. The well service mud pumps are designed to operate over a wide range of flows and pressures for the injection of seawater and slurries consisting of drill cuttings, drilling muds and sand into subsea strata as demanded by the offshore drilling industry worldwide.

Well Service Mud Pumping Models

For mud pumping applications we generally select the 562 triplex reciprocating piston pumps.

Mud 562

Maximum input power: 562 kW (750 HP) continuous
Flow: 375 lpm (99 gpm) to 2120 lpm (560 gpm)
Pressure: 135 bar (1,952 psi) to 345 bar (5,000 psi)

We have the experience and skills to engineer a cost-effective solution to your mud pump requirements in a range of operating environments utilising the best engineering practices, and designing the system to be either diesel, electric or hydraulically powered.

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  • Noise attenuation.
  • Variable flows.
  • Local or remote control.
  • Data acquisition and logging.
  • Electric, hydraulic or diesel drive.
  • System performance/health monitoring.
  • Space heater.
  • Fire and gas detection.
  • Skid – the lightest option. With fork-truck slots. Can be supplied with a lifting frame.
  • Crash frame – a lightweight option affording considerable protection during transportation. Can include both fork-list slots, and lifting eyes.
  • Container – providing maximum protection from transportation operations and environmental conditions. Comes with a choice of noise attenuation options. Can include both fork-list slots, and lifting eyes.
  • Skid and separate environmental enclosure – a lightweight skid with the option of a floor or skid-mounted environmental enclosure with noise attenuation options.
  • Trailer – site trailer for onsite movements or road-going trailer allowing easy movements between onshore sites.
  • Road-going, trailer-mounted cuttings re-injection unit for onshore use at various locations.
  • Modular well service pump skids for helicopter delivery to remote locations.
  • Small-footprint cuttings reinjection units for areas with limited deck space and restricted access.