TST Workplace Safety Solutions

Cleaning heat exchangers can be both a messy and dangerous process. With our newest Workplace Safety Solution, the Safety Funnel, we are proud to present a safer, smoother, and environmentally friendly way to get the job done.
The funnel is easy to set up, and can be applied directly to the heat exchanger. During the cleaning, the funnel increases safety by preventing objects, gravel and dirty water from hitting and injuring people, and damaging equipment. Other advantages with our Safety Funnel are that it lowers the noise level and is easy to clean.

Safety Funnel

Safety Booth

Protective Curtain

Safety Pipe Cap 10 cm Dia.

Safety Pipe Cap 30 cm Dia.

Safety Pipe Cap 70 cm Dia.

Safety Pipe Cap 145 cm Dia.

Scuff Guard

Scuff Guard – Openable

PPE for Waterjetting and High Pressures

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