Water Jetting Training Courses

We deliver various high pressure water jetting training courses which fall within two main categories:

  • Water Jetting Association (WJA) approved training.
  • Familiarisation training on Calder equipment.

Water Jetting Association (WJA) approved training

We offer WJA-accredited training, complete with WJA certification, covering all aspects of water jetting operations.

Typically, this would involve completion of at least two training modules:

Safety Awareness (theory): This is a mandatory one-day, classroom-based course covering all main areas of water jetting operation and safety. It includes the areas of types of water jetting, water pressure and flow rates, risk assessment, and the use of safety clothing. At the end of the course, delegates must pass a 20-question multiple choice questionnaire. The Water Jetting Safety Awareness course must be retaken every three years to retain registration with the WJA. We strongly recommend that operatives should combine the Water Jetting Safety Awareness course with a relevant practical course. This will enable them to obtain the most thorough instruction in safe and effective water jetting, as described below.

Practical training courses offered:

  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning (half day).
  • Surface Preparation (half day).
  • Tube and Pipe Cleaning (half day).
  • Hydrodemolition (full day).

We also offer a standalone, full day Pressure Washing course.

We provide waterjet training courses almost anywhere, including at offshore facilities. The aim is to use a suitable balance of classroom-based theory, complemented by practical, hands-on training and instruction. Some customers prefer to receive training at our factory in Worcester. Whether you need surface preparation, tube and pipe, hydrodemolition or drain jetting training courses, we are here to help.

Familiarisation Training on Calder Equipment

Many of our pump packages are unique, designed and built to meet our customers’ particular requirements. Our training packages are, therefore, also bespoke, tailored specifically to cover all aspects of our equipment.

When creating each training package, we begin by taking the time to discuss and understand the customer’s aims and objectives. For example, some customers may require only basic equipment familiarisation and operation training. On the other hand, others may also require maintenance training. It is important for us to ensure that we understand our audience, such as the roles and experience levels of the trainees. In this way we are able to ensure the breadth and depth of the training material is appropriate.

Typical training courses would cover the following topics:

  • Equipment familiarisation: This is a general overview of the equipment covering its function and performance capabilities, as well as the location and purpose of major components.
  • Operation: Covering everything from pre-start checks, through to normal operation, and safe shutdown.
  • Safety items: Such as PPE, good housekeeping, regular equipment checks, and how to manage warning messages, shutdown trips, or emergency situations.
  • Maintenance: Depending on the customer requirements, this may be limited to routine tasks, such as checking fluid levels, changing filters, maintaining belt tension, and checking pulsation damper charge levels. Or it may extend to more specialist pump maintenance tasks, including pump stripdowns, internal inspections, fault finding, repairs, and routine major servicing.

Water Jetting Training Courses – Find Out More

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