Aquaculture Net Cleaning Pumps

Our aquaculture net cleaning pumps are used on-board ships in net-cleaning applications and other general high pressure cleaning duties. Indeed, we developed these units specifically for the aquaculture industry. They incorporate the proven, standard features of our MultiJet range, along with application-specific equipment and control technology. Our units are portable and the operator can mount them on-deck or below-deck to suit specific operating requirements. In addition to net cleaning, these pump units are ideal for many other cleaning and maintenance duties.

The Pump

At the heart of the unit is a Hammelmann vertical reciprocating plunger pump which offers unrivalled reliability and operational time between scheduled maintenance. Because of this, there is a low cost of ownership throughout the operational life of the unit. The pump is recognized worldwide for its reliability and we have incorporated it into our pump packages for over three decades. The Hammelmann pump benefits from its unique high pressure sealing system which allows significantly improved service life and uptime over traditional sealing technologies. The space-saving vertical design generates minimal vibration. Also, with direct drive from the power unit, the Hammelmann pump offers greatly reduced weight and maintenance requirements.

Aquaculture Pump Unit Case Study

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in the design of pump units for very specific applications. With this in mind, check out this case study detailing the design of a new net-cleaning pump unit.

Whether you require a basic pump and motor skid, or a complete system with integral controls, please call to discuss our solutions in more detail on +44 1905 751790 or email for more information.

  • Suction filter – an easy-to-clean filter to protect the pump’s internal components, ensuring long life and enhanced reliability.
  • Fuel tank – this fuel store is an integral part of the base frame and enables uninterrupted operation for a minimum 8-hour shift.
  • Handling – lifting eyes and forklift truck slots to give flexibility during lifting operations.
  • Material selection/coating – to protect against the salt-rich environment the components are manufactured from stainless steel, or coated with a high quality, marine specification paint system.

The weather enclosure is a high quality construction that offers maximum protection from the elements. Manufactured from stainless steel or carbon steel, the enclosure allows the external, recessed mounting of the main control panel. Additionally, the doors allow access for routine checks and maintenance, and the enclosure panels are removable.


  • Lockable doors – stainless steel lockable handles for both access and control panel doors.
  • Noise attenuation – we can fit out the enclosure with noise reducing material to provide significantly reduced noise output.
  • Seawater lift pump – to deliver seawater directly from the sea to feed the high pressure pump.
  • Adjustable pressure – simple manual pressure adjustment within predefined limits to suit the application/cleaning performance requirements.
  • HMI control panel – robust touchscreen control displaying operating parameters and alarms, and allowing easy operation of the unit. There is a range of control options available. To begin with, we offer simple start/stop control, and flow and pressure setting. Furthermore, you can select system monitoring and shutdown/fault indication, performance monitoring, and data logging. Another key point is that we can mount the control panel on the skid edge, remotely or flush-mounted into an enclosure.
  • System monitoring – a suite of instrumentation to monitor system health and operation, and provide alarm and auto-shutdown functionality.