Boosting, Circulation and Cooling Pumps

From our API, ASME, DIN, EN and ISO product line-ups, we supply a range of boosting, circulation and cooling pumps. We occassionally supply bareshaft pumps for integration into existing systems. However, many of our projects are for the design and manufacture of complete pump systems designed to suit specific applications. These pumps, which include both horizontal and vertical pump types, are used in the energy and petrochemical/refining industries.

Applications include pressure boosting for main water lift/injection, gas cooler medium circulation, submerged pumps, heat exchanger, utility cooling, and water make-up applications. Pumped fluids include water, water/ethylene glycol, and many other liquids. Whilst protecting the equipment from the environment, an enclosure has other benefits. These include the options of noise attenuation, heating, lighting, internal maintenance crane, fire and gas detection systems, and design to account for explosion/blast loads.

These pump systems are generally skid mounted, but we offer various options to suit the application and operating location. For instance, a popular choice is a skid base with an environmental enclosure covering the equipment.

Our Engineering Capabilities

We have our own engineering teams who have huge experience in the design of offshore process pump systems for hazardous area operations. Whatever your boosting, circulation or cooling requirements, we can draw on our vast wealth of skid package design. Or we can design a bespoke system from concept through to final production drawings. In either case, the finished product will be a reliable, well designed pump unit benefitting from four decades of experience.

To ensure our systems undergo comprehensive testing before despatch, we have our own in-house test facilities. Our customers are always welcome to witness the F.A.T. testing of their pump units in person. However, many customers are located in other countries which means cost and time implications of getting here. Given that, we have a remote F.A.T. viewing capability.