We offer pipe cleaning equipment and systems for a vast range of industrial sectors. Our pipe cleaning devices and accessories cover all sizes of pipeline. From start to finish – rotating pipe cleaning machines, centralizers, and nozzles – we offer everything you need.

There are two basic methods of rotating a nozzle. The most effective is to rotate the hose using a hose rotating device. This allows all the energy produced by the pump to be used to clean, thus no energy is required to rotate the nozzle. A self-rotating nozzle head is configured so that a percentage of the water (energy) produced by the pump is used to rotate the nozzle and to assist it to travel up the pipe. Both methods are acceptable and have their place. If you need advice we are there to help!

We have two nozzle ranges that are particularly popular with our customers. The Hammelmann Masterjet pipe cleaning models offer various nozzle and jet configurations with pressures of 400 – 3,200 bar. The DERC Speed Regulated Pipe Cleaner is ideal for vertical and horizontal pipes with multiple elbows.

Our sales engineers can advise you on our range of pipe cleaning equipment – just give them a call on +44 1905 751790 or email sales@calder.co.uk.