Tube Cleaning Equipment

Our extensive range of tube cleaning equipment is all you need for safe, efficient cleaning of tubes and tube bundles. From high pressure internal and external bundle cleaners to the hydrojetting pump unit, the Calder range of equipment is tried, tested and trusted worldwide.

Safety and Efficiency

Tube cleaning has seen great improvements in operator safety and increased efficiency over the last few years. Automated and semi-automated products are available which are capable of safely cleaning multiple tubes at a time. Where auto-indexing is available, this further improves efficiency and accuracy. We manufacture and supply an extensive range of water jetting machines and accessories. This range covers both internal tube and external shell-side high pressure cleaning.

Freelance Tube Cleaning Machine

The Calder Freelance system is well proven and economical with single and twin lance units available. They are easily converted to be used with a simple X/Y indexing frame. For the bigger jobs, we offer rigid, multi-lance machines. This allows the operator to clean tube bundles internally or externally from the comfort of the cab.

Tube Bundle Handling

Read about our tube bundle handling machines.

Tube Bundle Cleaning

Have a look at our tube bundle cleaning machines.

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