Pressure Testing Pumps

We design and manufacture pressure testing pumps for both pipeline fill/flooding and high pressure testing. Through our bespoke design capabilities, these units will meet your application and operating specifications.

For pipeline fill/flood we generally select high pressure, high flow, multistage, centrifugal pump packages. Built around either a ring section or horizontal split case API 610 pump, these units are designed for pressures of 30 bar (435 psi) to 250 bar (3,600 psi) with flows of 300m³/hr (1,320 gpm) to 600m³/hr (2,640 gpm).

The Pump

For pressure testing we select from the Hammelmann range of high pressure, reciprocating plunger pumps. This range offers performances of up to 700 bar and 500 lpm. They feature a vertical mounting orientation which helps to keep the unit footprint to a minimum. Above all, these pumps are renowned for their reliability and long service intervals.

Pump head material options include 316, Duplex, and Super Duplex (25% Cr) stainless steels to suit the operating environment.


Our pressure testing pumps are generally mounted in an ISO 10855-1 certified container. A popular feature is the addition of an integrated control room so that operators are able to perform testing from a safe location. One of the benefits of a container-mounted unit is the inherent noise attenuation and indeed the option for enhanced noise attenuation.

Hazardous Area Pressure Testing Pumps

As with most of our well service pump packages, these pump units are manufactured for hazardous area operation – particularly Zone 1, Zone 2, NORSOK, IECex, CSA, CRN, or rig safe.

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When using a container-mounted unit many options are available:

  • Lockable, externally mounted control cabinet.
  • Lockable, external connections manifold.
  • Internal control room.
  • Noise attenuation.
  • Fire detection and automatic suppression.
  • Manual activation controls for fire suppression.
  • Gas detection.
  • Visual and audio fire and gas alarms.
  • Integral hose reel.
  • Hose storage.
  • Internal maintenance hoist.
  • Internal lighting.
  • Simple control package.
  • Fully integrated unmanned control systems.
  • Fixed or variable flow rates using variable frequency or hydraulic drives.

Pump unit control system configurations featuring the following options:

  • Single or multiple pump unit control systems.
  • Remote location operation.
  • Local control systems which can be skid mounted.
  • Full integration and interface with client control systems.
  • Use of the latest communication protocols.
  • Comprehensive health/status monitoring.
  • Full data acquisition and logging capabilities.
  • Skid – lightweight.
  • Crash frame – lightweight and with a greater level of protection during movements.
  • Container – gives greatest protection and noise attenuation options.