Where will we be in three years?

21st Feb 2022

Where will we be in three years?

Our management team recently shared our plans to develop our markets and strengthen our position in the new emerging energy industries.

Evolution, not Revolution.

For some time, we have been developing our product range to meet the climate targets this world needs to achieve. Much thought has been given to our aim of making our pump units operationally zero emissions, and where our products fit within the developing post-carbon industries. And so we have an evolution of product design that takes with it the tenets of quality and reliability on which our company’s success is based.

What Drives our Pump Units?

We have designed and manufactured electric-driven pump units for many years. However, a recent development has been the MultEjet. This features the latest in electric motor drive technology with integrated VSD – all housed in a single DNV container suitable for use in ATEX Zoned areas. With offshore platform electrification gaining pace, this product is here at the right time, the right price, and with the right technology. This evolution is already forming the basis for the future of our onshore, high pressure pump units.

Pumping for Renewables Industries.

With a long history of supporting our customers in the energy sector with our pump packages, we are fortunate that those same customers are part of the drive towards our renewables future. We are very excited about seeing our pump units operating across a range of emerging technologies such as hydrogen production, storage and use, and carbon capture and storage.