Veolia orders high pressure pump unit for industrial cleaning applications.

18th Feb 2020

Environmental solutions provider, Veolia, invests in a high pressure waterjet unit with a fuel-saving, 3-speed manual gearbox which minimises fuel use according to the application – the first of its kind to be purchased in the UK.

Andrew Dobson, Veolia’s Industrial Services Business Manager said, ”The unit with highflow capability using the 3 speed gearing has the option of selecting an alternative flow rate which minimises energy consumption and reduces wear, maintenance and cost, this option was attractive to Veolia. The unit will be used in heavy industry particularly on maintenance shutdowns within the petrochemical and chemical manufacturing sectors for continuous hours and Hammelmann have a proven track record of high performance and minimum downtime aligned to the technical support provided by Calder Pressure Systems was the deciding factor for Veolia.”

This MultiJet unit is housed in a 25-ft, sound-attenuated container. A Volvo engine powers the Hammelmann HDP502 reciprocating plunger pump and the combination has a maximum performance of 262 litres per minute at 1040 bar. The MultiJet is fitted with many safety features including an electronic over-pressure device which will shut down the unit if the discharge pressure exceeds the maximum operating pressure.

The manual 3-speed transmission uses only the energy needed for the application:
• 3rd Gear: Full pump power as typically employed for tank cleaning
• 2nd Gear: Medium pump power for pipe and tube bundle cleaning
• 1st Gear: Low pump power for manual blasting gun work

A user-friendly electronic control and monitoring unit will allow the operator to regulate the operational parameters and monitor unit performance. The panel includes a built-in operator manual and fault-finding function.

Through unit reliability and the pump’s long service intervals, our high pressure pump units are popular among operators who seek low operating costs and minimum downtime.

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