Veolia Environmental Services expand their Calder fleet

5th Jan 2013

Following the delivery of another Calder MultiJet unit to Veolia Environmental Services, their Regional Manager said:
“Veolia Environmental Services continue to purchase high and ultra high pressure jetting units through Calder Pressure Systems as we have complete faith in the customer service and technical expertise provided. The Hammlemann pumps provide reliability, low maintenance costs which provide minimum downtime to our clients. Our fleet of Calder pumps operate in the most difficult conditions predominantly on refineries, running days and nights for long durations and perform consistently to a high standard and provide an extremely long service life to Veolia’s Industrial Services business. Veolia recognise Calder Pressure Systems as a long term business partner and work closely with their technical sales staff to ensure the products we purchase are of the highest specification from a technical and QHSE perspective.”
Regional Manager
Industrial Services
Veolia Environmental Services (UK) Plc