Road Marking Removal

Traditional methods of road marking removal include grinding and burning. However, due to efficiency, safety and environmental factors, high pressure waterjetting has become particularly popular among operators. The pressure and flow are set to remove the paint, but leave the road surface undamaged. Additionally, there are options for the waste water to be collected and recycled. Our equipment is engineered to make road marking removal efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective.

See high pressure water removing road markings. Note the before and after clip towards the end of the video which shows the superb finish quality achieved with high pressure water.


Road Marking Removal Equipment

Floor Cleaning Machines

With easy handling and high performance, Aquablast vacuum machines are used for a variety of tasks. A range of models ensures you have the right pressure, flow and machine width for your applications.

In addition to road marking removal, the AquaBlast is typically used for:

  • paint booth grid cleaning
  • stripping and removal of paint and rust etc.
  • cleaning fuel, oil and grease deposits/stains
  • removal of coatings, mastics, laitance adhesion inhibitors, mortar rendering etc.
  • roughening concrete and asphalt.

High Pressure Pump

Central to our road marking removal strategy are the high-pressure pumps. Safety, reliability and ease of maintenance have been designed into our MultiJet pump units over thirty years. Unrivalled service life and uptime advantages over traditional pump technology further minimise the cost of ownership. The MultiJet range features units with the very latest EU Stage 5 engine boasting ultra low emissions.

Check out our high pressure water jetting pumps.


Waste Recovery Systems

Balancing environmental responsibility with high-performance functionality, our waste water recovery systems efficiently collect and manage waste water generated during road marking removal. Our 650 vacuum unit is ideal for site work. This stand-alone machine is powered by a compact diesel engine. Other options are available for the recyling and re-use of the waste water.

Features of the 650

  • Waste water and solids are separated within the system for further disposal.
  • The pre-cleaned waste water is pumped out of the unit so that downtime is minimised.
  • Separator collects materials in suspension.
  • Hinged doors to allow solids removal.
  • De-watering pump with over suction protection.
  • Sight glasses for monitoring content level.


Traditional Methods vs High Pressure Water Jetting

Traditionally, road marking removal involved labour-intensive methods such as sandblasting, grinding, burning, or chemical treatments, often leading to environmental hazards, extended downtime, and increased costs. High-pressure water jetting presents a technologically superior alternative.

Benefits of High Pressure Water Jetting

1. Environmentally Friendly: Eliminates the need for toxic chemicals, reducing environmental impact.
2. Precision and Efficiency: Our equipment offers unparalleled precision, selectively removing road markings without damage to the underlying road surface. This minimizes rework and optimizes project timelines.
3. Cost-Effective: Reduces operational costs by eliminating the need for costly abrasives or chemicals, resulting in faster project completion and decreased labour requirements.
4. Versatility: Adaptable to various road marking materials, including paint and thermoplastic.
5. Minimal Disruption: Minimizes disruption to traffic flow, allowing for quicker project turnaround times without extended road closures.


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