Returning customer orders electric pump skid

31st Mar 2021

A leading chemical company has ordered a pump unit for tank cleaning applications. This unit features the super-reliable Hammelmann pump and has a performance of over 130 litres per minute at just under 500 bar.

The pump is of a vertical design which neutralises crosshead and plunger loading. A pressurised oil lube with built-in oil cooler protects the high pressure pump power end to give long term reliability. A bronze suction chamber eliminates corrosion, and solid ceramic plungers offer long life and durability. A labyrinth type seal arrangement means there are no high pressure packing seals to fail. A stainless steel pump head eliminates pump head corrosion. These features make this a truly reliable pump with long service intervals.

A heavy duty flexible drive coupling connects the pump to the electric motor meaning there are no belts or side loads. A pneumatically actuated pressure regulating/bypass valve diverts waste water to or from the high pressure tool/accessory. When switched to bypass the water flows without pressure to the header tank preventing waste water.

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