Pressure equalisation pump unit for Valhall Flank West

18th Mar 2019

A pressure equalisation pump skid has been designed, built, and tested by Calder for Aker BP as part of a larger PG Flow Solutions scope of supply. Our parent company, PG Flow Solutions, is delivering a shaker drain pump, diesel transfer pump, fresh water pump, fresh water pressure pump, hazardous open drain pump, and drains recovered oil pump.

The operating location is a Zone 2 hazardous environment on Valhall Flank West. The normally unmanned Valhall Flank West platform is the first project in the Wellhead Platform Alliance, which was established in the spring of 2017 between Aker BP, Kvaerner, ABB and Aker Solutions.

Valhall is one of the largest oil fields in the southern part of the Norwegian sector in the North Sea. Valhall Flank West will be developed from a new Normally Unmanned Installation (NUI), tied back to the Valhall field centre for processing and export. The platform will be remotely operated from the Valhall field centre. First oil is expected in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The pump unit is designed to NORSOK standards with additional Aker BP specifications. It will operate in ambient temperatures of -10°C to 25°C, and will pump diesel at a rate of 6m3/hr at 230 barg. The unit complies with NORSOK R-001, NORSOK L-001, NORSOK S-001, NORSOK M-630, API 674, and ATEX Zone 2.

The unit consists of a space-saving, vertically mounted reciprocating plunger pump driven by electric motor. Pulsation dampers are fitted to the suction and discharge pipework. The pump’s lubrication oil system includes pressure and temperature monitoring, and the system is cooled by blast air cooler. All tubing and fittings used on the skid are of 6Mo material.

Due to the stringent noise requirements, the unit has an acoustically attenuated, stainless steel, floor-mounted environmental enclosure.

Testing was carried out at our in-house test facility and was witnessed by Aker BP.

The unit was installed on-shore at the Verdal Works in Norway in December and commissioning is expected to start during the second quarter 2019.

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