Order for HPHT Wash Water Skid.

3rd Mar 2020

A leading Aberdeen company has ordered two wash water pump packages for operation in a HPHT (high-pressure/high-temperature) offshore location.

At the heart of each unit is a Hammelmann Hampro 400 reciprocating plunger pump that will inject de-aerated seawater at pressures up to 600 bar. Powering the pump will be a fixed-speed fan-cooled electric motor. The process pipework is Duplex stainless steel. A suction damper (fitted with skid-edge charging point and gas side safety valve) and resonator are fitted to achieve the required pulsation limits. The lube oil system includes twin independent lube oil pumps, twin oil filters, and plate heat exchanger. A temperature control valve is included for low temperature starting.

The units will also feature a vibration monitoring system, pump crosshead temperature monitoring, motor bearing temperature monitoring, suction pressure transmitter, lube oil temperature and pressure transmitters, and a fire and gas detection system. These liquid injection pump units will be skid mounted and will have a stainless steel environmental, acoustic enclosure.

The platform has space restrictions from lay-down point to final position. The design is modular to allow site movement and final position re-assembly.

High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) is relatively new in the offshore industry. Operating conditions in HPHT developments require equipment capable of achieving higher pressures and temperatures. To reach the greater water depths required for extraction, pump systems are now being designed to greater pressures and temperatures than ever before. This has presented Calder with many new engineering challenges over the last four years, leading Calder to provide unique solutions to the specific needs of operators and a changing industry.

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