ONS 2022, Stavanger, Norway

15th Sep 2022

ONS 2022 Exhibition, Stavanger, Norway

It was noticeable how much interest there was in our pump packages for the low carbon and renewable energy industries. What was once known as an oil & gas exhibition is now firmly part of the energy transition. There were 61,098 visitors to ONS 2022. One thousand companies from 82 countries promoted technology from around the world. Meanwhile, 230 journalists from 20 countries will spread news of the technology and innovations worldwide.

Paul, Steve and Jim were at ONS 2022 in Stavanger, Norway to promote our company’s exceptional design and build experience in offshore, hazardous area pump systems. In addition to hydrogen and CCUS, we also made new contacts within the more traditional process and well service sectors. As usual, we met many familiar faces from our 30 years of building bespoke pump systems for the Norwegian North Sea.

We had many enquiries from our stand visitors. Among them were several that are central to the initiatives for globalised energy transition. These included hydrogen pumping for a marine application, a prototype hydrogen system with the potential to scale up, equipment for a blue hydrogen project, and pumps for developing a CO2 system. CCUS and hydrogen are key growth areas for Calder and we were surprised at the number of enquires we had for these new technologies. ONS, with its emphasis on green and the energy transition, was the ideal venue for stimulating activity.

With fewer visitors than at ONS 2018, which was not particularly unexpected, from Calder’s perpsective the exhibition was still well attended. The mood was one of optimism, especially on the back of the challenges the industry has faced over the last few years. However, the investments that are currently being made in both the traditional and transitional markets shows that the sector is bouyant.

Pump Skid on Stand

On the stand we displayed a chemical injection pump skid featuring the unique HDP 20V controlled volume high pressure pump. This pump allows a variable flow rate via stroke control from 0% to 100% and seamless, automatic or manual flow adjustment.

Projects using the HDP 20V pump include:
news item – MEG injection pump package
news item – Compact, twin pump methanol skid
case study – Pressure test pump unit

ONS 2024 – see you there!

We’ll be back at ONS 2024 to promote our design and build knowledge and experience. We will undoubtedly have increased our pump products for the low carbon and renewable energy applications. And, as we have done for the last forty years, we will continue to develop and improve our range of process, well service, and fabric integrity pumping systems. See you in Stavanger in 2024.

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