Nuclear washdown skid

22nd May 2019

This washdown pump unit was designed and manufactured to support UK nuclear decommissioning activities. Potentially contaminated waste material containers will receive a low pressure water rinse, and later a high pressure washdown prior to further processing. As the waste wash water will be contained and then sent for processing, minimization of water usage is both environmentally and economically important. The pump unit will ensure optimum water delivery and accurate measurement to achieve minimal water usage.

The electric-drive pump unit has an integral atmospheric water storage tank which feeds both the low pressure centrifugal pump and the high pressure triplex plunger pump. Both pumps are controlled by on-board variable speed drives to allow precise water delivery. Pressure and flow data on both discharge lines will be routed to the control system.

The pump unit is housed in a robust crash frame. Removable panels protect the unit from the elements and, once removed, allow full access to all areas of the unit. To allow year-round, outdoor operation, the unit has an on-board heater.

Our history of supply to the nuclear industry is extensive. The largest project was the design and build of 12 auxiliary pumps for cooling water and water flood operations as part of the Japanese Emergency Response Programme – check out the case study. These lightweight units were designed for deployment by off-road vehicle and featured on-board, powered hose reels for quick and easy operation. One project saw the design and supply of a remotely operated unit to remove radioactive concrete from the walls of a cooling pond. There have been numerous projects for the supply of high pressure pump units, including one project which included a mobile water jetting unit and vacuum recovery system.

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