New Calder Stage 4/Tier IV High Pressure Water Jetting Trailer Unit

21st Sep 2016

Please note, this unit has been replaced by the very latest Stage 5, emissions-compliant high pressure waterjetting unit.

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New EU emissions regulations for non-road diesel engines see the introduction of Stage 4 (Tier IV in the USA) engines. Earlier engines cannot now be sold in Europe.

The design modifications incorporating this new ultra-low emission engine into our MultiJet units has been a great opportunity for our engineering team to introduce a range of innovations and improved features to keep our waterjet units at the forefront of water jetting technology.

Our latest-generation MultiJet units benefit from many upgrades whilst retaining the features which have made the MultiJet range a tried, tested, and trusted product for three decades.

The new Multijet is part of a long-term plan which has seen significant additions to the Calder range of water jetting equipment. There have been major advances in the field of ultra-high pressure water jetting over the last few years and a key focus for Calder has been the move towards automation – removing the operator from the hazards of water jetting operations such as high reaction forces and high water pressures. Our range of tube bundle handling and cleaning equipment, and our robotic hydrodemolition products are the most recent additions.

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