MultiVac DNV 2.7-2 Compliant Vacuum Unit – Designed, Built, Tested, and Despatched

27th Sep 2016

We are delighted to announce that we are despatching the first Calder-built offshore vacuum unit in accordance with the recently introduced, February 2016 edition of the DNV Standard for Certification 2.7-2.

The latest edition of the DNV 2.7-2 standard for offshore service modules introduces a range of safety measures which provide even greater protection for both the equipment and the offshore environment in which it operates. Among the upgrades are: lockable doors when closed with fire resistant seals; integral gas detector; IP56 rated within 1m of doors and louvers; portable fire extinguisher system; power safe in the event of a failure, and externally accessible fuel shut-off valve.

This vacuum unit from our MultiVac range is rated up to 24” Hg (810 mbar) and up to 2,270 cfm (3,856m3/hr). Our equipment is ideal for the harsh conditions of the offshore Canadian waters in which this unit will operate.

Our customers use the MultiVac for:

  • Material/waste removal:
    • of coatings from surface preparation
    • from tanks, vessels, mud pits and silos
    • from hazardous area drainage systems
    • of viscous, dense materials
    • from confined spaces
  • Chemical, fuel, and liquid recovery from open/bunded areas
  • Transfer of waste from open top skips to closed skips
  • Bulk powder removal
  • High flow ventilation of hazardous atmospheres
  • Hydrocarbon heavy waste removal while atmospheric venting
  • Pigging support operations
    • prevention of uncontrolled release of
      hydrocarbon materials
  • Descaling support
    • control of water discharge
  • Online/offline de-sanding operations

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