MEG Injection pump package with twin variable stroke pumps

18th Sep 2018

Design starts on a MEG injection pump package for use on a North Sea platform. The package will transfer MEG at the required pressure and flow to both topsides and subsea templates during start-up, shut-down, leak/barrier testing, maintenance, and pressure equalisation.

The package comprises of one stainless steel skid with two variable stroke Hammelmann HDP20V pumps. The skid will be designed for single point lifting and to withstand the specified external, environmental and accidental loads.

This unit will be powered by a Siemens electric motor, and the pump will have ceramic plungers with the Hammelmann labyrinth seal system. Following design and build, the unit will undergo in-house testing which will be witnessed by the customer.

This compact MEG injection skid will operate in a hazardous environment with considerable space constraints.

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