Manufacturer to replace chemical cleaning with high pressure water

26th Aug 2021

Our customer is switching to more environmentally friendly methods to clean their tanks and vessels. Using high pressure water means they will no longer need to purchase and then dispose of expensive chemicals as part of their cleaning regime. Recyclable, high pressure water will be used to remove the toughest of deposits and scale.

To perform this task they have ordered one of our MultiJet pump units along with an Aquamat tank cleaning head. The pump is driven by an electric motor and will give a performance of 50 litres per minute at 930 bar. The tank cleaning head is powered by water pressure and delivers high pressure jets to the entire surface of the tank ensuring a thorough clean every time.

The benefits of the MultiJet include:
• Dynamic plunger sealing system which offers much greater pump service intervals than other pumps.
• The pump and motor are coupled inline using a heavy duty, flexible coupling. This removes the need for belts.
• A pneumatically actuated pressure regulating/bypass valve diverts waste water to or from the UHP tool/ accessory. When switched to bypass the water flows without pressure to the header tank preventing waste water.

The benefits of the Aquamat tank cleaning units include:
• Minimum pressure losses resulting in high efficiency.
• Focused water jets for maximum cutting performance and distance.
• Compact and corrosion-resistant housing.
• High reliability due to simple, low-maintenance design.

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