GOST/RTN-compliant cuttings re-injection units.

18th Jun 2019

Work begins on two Cuttings Re-Injection (CRI) pump units for operation in the Russian Federation. These compact, GOST/RTN-compliant units will be designed, manufactured and tested in Worcester, United Kingdom.

Rather like drilling a piece of wood which produces wood shavings, or a piece of metal which produces swarf, drilling into the earth’s crust produces drill cuttings – fragments of rock broken by the drill bit and carried to the surface by drilling fluids. Prior to the environmental awakening of the 1980s, waste from offshore E&P operations was disposed* of at sea causing damage and destruction to flora, fauna and ecosystems over surrounding areas.

Whilst these drill cuttings can be incinerated, or shipped back to land and disposed of, the environmental and economic advantages of re-injection is favoured by many operators.

Calder was a forerunner in the development of cuttings re-injection technology and these electric-motor driven units will feature many of the technological developments made by us over the last two decades.

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